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Beautiful, stylish Avant-Garde Photography

Carried out with a minimum of fuss & inconvenience.

My aim is to provide you with an unforgettable memory of the greatest day of your life.

From the Photojournalistic Fleeting moment. To the Classically Posed Portrait.

My Creativity & Technical Expertise Will Provide you with Images that you

will cherish for a lifetime!

Do you know the origins of wedding traditions?

As the summer wedding season begins, we thought you might like to know the origins of some wedding terminology and traditions:

•To “wed” —The word “wed” came from the ancient Greek word for “pledge”

• Wedding dresses — historically, bridal dresses were worn in a rainbow of colors. White dresses only became popular about 150 years ago.

• Veils —The veil was once a sign of obedience and submissiveness.

• Rings —Why do we wear wedding rings on the third finger of our left hands?

Because the ancient Greeks believed that a vein in this finger ran directly to the heart.

• Cake — During Roman times, wedding guests threw cake crumbs at brides and grooms to bless them with fertility. These cakes were actually biscuits or scones, made by guests and stacked during the festivities. Much later, a clever French baker used the “piled high”

concept to create the decorated multi-tiered cake.

• Position of bride at wedding ceremony — originally, a bride stood to the left of the groom so that his right hand was free to draw his sword to fend off any “bad guys who crashed the ceremony.